2018 USSSA
Licensed/Approved Bats

Before you or your team purchase
a new bat for the 2018 season, be sure to visit:


Only bats manufactured by companies listed
on that page will be allowed in WNCSSA league play.

Even though a bat is made by a USSSA licensed manufacturer,
it still
must have the USSSA thumbprint
to be legal for WNCSSA league play.

For more information about the USSSA thumbprint, go to:

When playing
Co-Ed, men must use bats made only of a single material.
ANY bat made of composite material, or any multi-wall,
multi-shell, multi-layered,
multi-piece bat is prohibited.

Bats used by men
must have a WNCSSA sticker of approval
and/or the
USSSA thumbprint to be used in Co-Ed league play.

Any man batting with a
prohibited bat will be recorded as an out.

For more information on the USSSA policy on altered/illegal bats, go to: