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Managers seeking players can look
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If you sign a player from the list,
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or call the hotline at 478-8040.
Players looking for a team
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I played high school ball
and have 4 years of slow pitch under my belt. 

I'm pretty quick so I usually play outfield
but I'm comfy anywhere but pitching. 

I usually bat leadoff or second
but it really doesn't matter to me. 

I took last year off and I am looking to get back into it,
mens or co-ed either one works for me.  


—> Posted 02.25.2018 <—

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I recently moved from So Cal and I am seeking a team for 2018.

I'm male, 38 years old, healthy with good fitness level.
I usually play outfield.

Have played slow-pitch for about 15 years
in leagues and tournaments in the So Cal area.
Previous baseball experience as a youth.

Very interested in joining a team. 


Doug Johnson

—> Posted 02.25.2018 <—

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Hi I’m Josh.

Just moved to the area from Napa, CA.
I played 4 nights a week for both men’s and co-ed.
I play tournaments on weekends.

I’m trying to get on a team here.

Men’s - I can pitch, 1st, 2nd, and catch.
Co-ed - I can pitch and play some outfield and 3rd. 

For co-ed my girlfriend is a super solid hitter and can play infield wherever.
Even if you don’t need me for co-ed,
call or text me and I can put you in contact with her.

My number is 707-225-4289

—> Posted 02.25.2018 <—

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